State of Thoughtlessness/Mental Silence

Many of us would have experimented on ourselves to stop our thoughts and would have realized that we really do not have control over them. The more we try to stop them, the more do they rush into our heads. This chattering monkey in our heads, has no leash. We get thoughts of our past (which is dead and gone) or our future (which has yet to take birth). Both are imaginary situations. But once we get our self-realization, we are able to rein in our thoughts. We are able to achieve moments of thoughtlessness. (With experience, we are able to increase this duration of silence). If you have not achieved this, be patient. May take some time in some cases.

How do we reach this state?

When the Kundalini energy crosses the Agnya chakra, our thought waves elongate and we soon start to see a gap between 2 thoughts automatically. This gap is the state of Thoughtlssness. It is the Present – a state of Mental Silence. This Thoughtless Awareness, is actually the first stage of meditation. In this state we will have no thoughts but we are fully aware of our surroundings. Thoughts now are in our control. If we want to think, we may think but if we do not want think, we could avoid the thought process altogether.

Let us take an example to better illustrate this. Suppose we have a lady sitting and (supposedly) meditating and she hears a loud crash of glass splintering. What do you think would now be going through her. Oh No! These neighbourhood children, brats, were told so many times to play ball in the field behind the house ……. and they did not listen…… What I was afraid of, has now happened…… The patio glass door must have broken…… It’s bitterly cold these days. Now how do we get this fixed? It is Sunday evening….. Wait till I give a piece of my mind to their parents …..

This is a normal situation. But if this lady was actually meditating (and she had received her self-realization), she could have remained thoughtless, if she wanted to. When she has completed her meditation, she could then think of the situation at hand (and if she is detached, will be able to find an answer to her predicament easily).

If we are unable to stop our thoughts, then we should know that we are NOT in a state of meditation. (Meditation is actually a state we get into. We do not do meditation).

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