Common Questions:

What is Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a simple way of learning and experiencing the state of meditation. No chanting, no breathing in style, no tricky postures. Practicing few minutes daily, practitioners can feel the holistic improvement- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Is this a spiritual meditation or related with any particular religion, faith or believe?

Everyone is welcome to learn this simple art of meditation regardless to his faith, believe or religion. It is practiced in over 139 countries worldwide with variety of culture, race and religion.

Who can practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Everyone can from the very poor to the very rich. There is no restriction of caste, creed, religion, nationality, age, or gender. You have a will, you can meditate.

How come there is a “yoga” in the name but there is no yoga in your class?

The western concept of yoga is not entirely accurate. Yoga postures are designed for preparation of actual meditation. Our classes only focus on the core of meditation and not the external postures which could build up one’s ego and discourage many people due to lack of flexibility and physical fitness.

Is Sahaja Yoga a religion?

If religion means belief, no. Sahaja Yoga is “NOT” an organized religion. Sahaja Yoga extracts the essence of all religions through direct perception of the subtle, divine reality. Sahaja Yoga is moving spirituality from the realm of dogma into the realm of individual experimentation. It is a practice, a direct experience which is felt on our central nervous system and requires no act of faith to substantiate it.

Are the classes “really” free?

It’s all about equality. We want all people to practice rich or poor. We also kindly refuse all donation. We are running the classes with pure intention to help every one to awaken their Kundalini energy. World peace starting within our self. It’s your birth right to meditate.

How does Sahaja Yoga benefit me ?

There are immediate benefits in stress relief and a feeling of peace and happiness. Physically, it helps in prevention and cure of illnesses. Mentally and emotionally, it helps one to enhance mental capability and attain emotional balance. Spiritually, one can feel the oneness and interconnectedness of all life in the universe. Many practitioners of Sahaja Yoga have naturally given up smoking, drinking and drugs. Sahaja Yogis often lead a true happy, balanced and prosperous life.

What is the Kundalini energy?

The Kundalini is the power of pure desire within us – a maternal, spiritual energy which resides in a latent state in the triangular sacrum bone at the base of the spine. Our spine reside our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system that regulate our digestion, immune, and all vital functionality of  a healthy body. Modern day information overload and high level stress causing us to have nervous break down or tide down. Through meditation, Kundalini energy can rise up the spine and return us back to healthy.

Why I should try this meditation?

Different people join us for many different reasons. Some people want to use meditation as productivity tool, some people use meditation to gain medical benefits, some people use meditation to enhance their relationship, some people use meditation to quit drugs, some people use meditation to heal depression and anxiety. The real question is “What is YOUR reason?”

I have tried some meditation before, why should I try Sahaja?

We have many experience mediators came from other types of meditation practice finally found Sahaja Yoga Meditation to be the easiest and most powerful practice. Many other types of meditation are confused with relaxation responses which you can get from any exercise. The key of true meditation practice is to achieve mental silence. In Sahaja Yoga, we found children are easiest to achieve mental silence.  Adults tend to build up too much ego and emotional baggage. We will teach you simple and very effective techniques to become thought-less.

Are there health benefits ?

There are many health benefits in practicing Sahaja Yoga and clinical research in association with Liverpool Hospital Sydney, has shown dramatic improvements in asthma patients. Other research has shown definite improvements in epilepsy, migraine, asthma and other conditions.

Can children meditate?

Yes, children can meditate. Actually, they are the best candidates for meditation because they have much less conditioning and emotional baggage that may prevent others from attaining mental silence. Children are able to go “into” meditation quicker for this reason.

How do I learn to meditate?

Monkey see monkey do. The best way to learn meditation is to do it. You might say it is on-the-job training or learning by doing. Come to our weekly session and meet the best and most experience meditators in town. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What should I expect at a weekly class?

The classes usually start with a short introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation at beginner’s level, followed by an explanatory video,  and finally a collective meditation workshop. Some sessions offer light refreshments at the end of the evening during which time there is further opportunity to mingle, ask questions and socialize.

Do I need to bring a mat, water bottle or wear special clothing?

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. As such no exercises are required, nor mat or special clothing, just come as you are. The only thing you need to bring is your smile!

Do I need to pre-book or register or donate money?

There is no need to pre register for our meeting. You are welcome to just show up to our session and we will kindly refuse all donation.

Do I need to be fit and flexible?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation does not involve any ego based strenuous physical exercise at all. It focuses upon achieving Yoga through awakening the subtle energies within, which once awakened, naturally & effortlessly establish a remarkable state of deep inner meditation. This is all done while sitting comfortably on a chair.

I’d like to learn & teach Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji always wanted individuals to become their own guru. Perhaps Her greatest achievement was to enable Her students to pass on the same trans-formative experience that they had received, as one enlightened candle enlightens another. She charged no money for Sahaja Yoga, insisting that genuine spiritual enlightenment is the birthright of every human being and should be freely available to all who desire it.

Is there a need to keep attending weekly classes?

No. You can come as often as you like. But most people report that they progress faster by attending the weekly classes on a regular basis. The experience of meditation is often more enjoyable and powerful in a collective setting, as our individual attention can be strengthened in a collective setting. Ultimately, there is no such wisdom and knowledge to be gained. Each week you can learn about different aspects of the inner subtle system, chakras, the spirit, human evolution and practical tips and techniques to enable you to master and cleanse your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. To become a master of any art, time, desire, love and patience are essential ingredients.

Is there a need to keep practice daily?

Yes. The more you practice the better result you are going to experience. Think about it like brushing teeth, do you brush your teeth every day? Through out your day, any time you feel stressed, or have some free time. You can take a short meditation break.

Can Sahaja Yoga Meditation help me quit drugs, tobacco or any addiction?

Yes, from many years of our experience, many participants experience just that. Drugs & tobacco are like medicine. If you have an unhappy life, you will need it.  As you meditate daily, you can get more and more long lasting happiness from the practice.  Very soon, you will see that you no longer need that medicine.

Can Sahaja Yoga Meditation help me experience more lucid dreams?

Yes, through the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Your awareness will increase. This awareness exist even in your deep sleep. You spend 1/3 of your life time sleeping. You’d better be aware of it. Dreams are our brain’s free virtual reality. It help us organize memory, program our new behaviors, trouble shooting on your day puzzles, getting inspiration, brain storming and much more. We all dreams, but experience mediators can recall their dreams in waking state. Being able to access your subconscious mind anytime will enable you to become more creative and productive. Better sense of humor is another free bonus.

Can Sahaja Yoga Meditation increase my business productivity?

Yes. Your business results depends on your mental states. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is an excellent brain conditioning tool. With daily practice, you will be able to master your mental state therefore achieve better business success.

Can Sahaja Yoga Meditation enhance my marriage and relationship?

Yes. A lot of relationship end up in trouble because both sides couldn’t control their emotional states.  Through daily meditation practice, you can master your emotional states; therefore achieve better relationship.

I’m a devoted Buddhist Can I still practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Yes. We would love you to come by and experience our meditation. The truth can not be told but only experience.

I’m a devoted Christian. Can I still practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Yes. All you do is close your eyes and let go all your thoughts. Mental silence is the key of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Jesus is still your master.  Exodus 14:14 ESV “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

I’m a pessimist. Would Sahaja Yoga really work for me?

Yes. Even if you don’t believe it will work. As soon as you start Sahaja Yoga Meditation, your body’s autonomic nervous system will do all the work in background. The key is you need to achieve mental silence. We will teach you the basic skills to do that.

Are there any side effects from Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Yes. You will experience long lasting happiness, optimize immune system and healthy high energy.

How is the western concept of yoga or hot yoga different from Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

The western concept of yoga slow down our thoughts but did not achieve mental silence. In Sahaja Yoga Meditation practitioner’s heart rate drop and blood pressure drop. These are not the typical response in the western concept of yoga or hot yoga. In hot yoga, the heart rate could shoot all the way up to 140 per minutes very much like doing 100 meter dash. That’s the total opposite of meditation and mental silence.

How is Sahaja Yoga Meditation different from Transcendental Meditation & Mindfulness Meditation?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the most spontaneous meditation. It is also the easiest and the most powerful meditation. It doesn’t cost you an arm and an leg. There is no mantra to chant and no special breathing or difficult yogic postures. No books to buy. No retreats to go to. No philosophy to learn. Simply “Let go.” Just like the Beatles’s song “Let it be.” Mental silence is a natural process.

How come the mental silence or thoughtless awareness are so important for awaken the Kundalini in Sahaja Yoga?

Think about it like going up to the 10th floor penthouse for beautiful view. You are on the ground floor and there are only two ways to get to the penthouse either by the stair or the elevator. Other types of meditation are like climbing the stair, mental silence with Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the elevator.

What is the purpose of awaken the kundalini energy?

When you are on the ground floor, your view is limited. When you reach the penthouse, you are going to see the importance of your  own authenticity and discover your unique talents. Better view simply will make you happier each day. Gandhi had a wonderful saying. The best way to find yourself is to lose your self in the service of others.

Are there scientific evidence and ways of measuring the kundalini energy?

Our spine control our fight-or-flight (sympathetic) nervous system and rest-and-digest (parasympathetic) nervous system. Just do a google image search, you will see the clear scientific evidence of kundalini energy as our autonomic nervous system. When we enter thoughtless awareness, our autonomic nervous system will start to work in harmony and you will feel cool breeze going through your spine. How would you explain autonomic nervous system to farmers from 8,000 years ago with no education?

Do I need to give up smoking and drinking to continue come to the class?

You don’t have to. Just do what is natural. You are your own boss.

Do I need to become a vegetarian?

Most of Sahaja yogis are not vegetarian.

Do I need to become a monk?

There is no Sahaja monk. Most of Sahaja yogis got a regular job.

Do I need to surrender chocolate?

Yes and no. You will discover Sahaja Yoga is sweeter and more delicious than chocolate.

If everyone meditate whole day, then we become rock and plants. Shouldn’t we just celebrate and enjoy life?

Sahaja Yogis don’t meditate whole day. Only 10 minutes in the morning, and 5 to 10 minutes in the evening with foot soaking meditation. All the other time are celebrating life and service others with our unique talents.

Is Sahaja Yoga a cult?

We don’t brain wash anyone. In fact, we welcome conversation, debates and scientific research for truth. All the latest science are proving meditation is the truth. Company like Google, Facebook and Samsung all using meditation to replace coffee as their healthy productivity tool without energy crash and withdrawn syndromes.

If I keep my mental silence, would evil spirits enter me? I need to fill my mind with Jesus Christ and father in heaven.

Evil spirits can only enter evil people. When you are a kind person, only good spirits can enter you.

I have so much fear and worry, I need to keep moving. I can’t even stop for one minute. What is your tips?

The source of our worry and fear is the past conditioning and the anticipation of future. Looking at any children, they don’t have problems of fear and worry because they have less conditioning and don’t think that much about the future. It’s natural for us to become the drama queen. Let worry be worry. You can still meditate. Just watch all those worry and keep meditating. Eventually, it will stop like a computer screen saver will stop.

What is my final drive away price at the end of  12 months?

Your total charge will still be zero dollar at the end of 12 months. There is no hidden charges, books to sell, retreats to go and places to donate money. Free is free is free. Period.

All sound good here. I’m just too busy to meditate. Any tips for busy people like me?

That’s funny. I found myself become more productive when I meditate more.  What’s the point of getting busy? You want to get more done right? I promise you that the more you meditate, the more things you can get done. Less is really more!

Just curious, everyone on the street are out to get a dollar why you guys are giving meditation for free?

That’s a good question. The best things in the world are all free. You get Gmail and Facebook for free. You get love from your mother for free. Finally, going to the library is free whether you pay your tax or not. Meditation is your birth right; therefore, it is free. We are the manifestation of love and ocean.

My breath smell like octopus. Would Sahaja Yoga Meditation help?

No. You need to sleep. Oh, you have insomnia. Then, yes, Sahaja Yoga Meditation can help you cure your insomnia and you can get good night sleep and your bad breath will be gone naturally.

Can chimp learn to meditate and raise their Kundalini?

Not on this planet. And probably not this generation. The difference between chimp and us is meditation!

Is meditation similar to bear and bat’s hibernation?

No! Hibernation is more like sleeping with no awareness. Meditation on the other hand has awareness.

How is meditation different from prayer or sleeping?

Prayer has lot of needs and wants while meditation is thoughtless. Sleeping has no awareness. Meditators are aware of their surrounding, watching but not responding. Listening but not reacting.

Should I meditate on empty stomach or full stomach?

You can meditate either with empty stomach or full stomach. However, meditation can actually enhance our rest-and-digest nervous system. If you really have to pick one, not too full and not too hungry is the best.

Should I meditate before or after bowl movement?

If you need to go to bath room, please go. Your gut is bigger boss then your brain. You can also better relax after bowl movement. Always listen to your body.

Should I meditate with music or without?

Music is better. It can also work as timer for you. Without music, you can still meditate but more difficult.

Can I meditate in the lying down position?

No because when your back and neck is supported it’s very easy to fall asleep. You want to let go of all your thoughts but at the same time you need to keep your awareness. Sleeping is not meditation!

Every time I meditate, I fall asleep. What should I do?

If you fall asleep, take a nap. Listen to your body. Morning is the best time to meditate because you just wake up.  Evening is actually difficult to meditate because it’s very easy to fall asleep. That’s why in the evening we do “Foot Soaking Meditation”. That hot water or cold water certainly will keep you alert for at least five minutes.

I don’t see any improvement? What should I do?

Like learning how to drive a car and do parallel parking. It take some time and patient to learn. You didn’t expect yourself to parallel park beautifully in just few weeks of driving. Keep the practice daily and invest that minimum 10 minutes morning meditation. Everything will open up like a beautiful flower in no time.

Is TaiChi or QiGong or Walking Meditation a true meditation?

No. They slow down the thinking process. There is still movement and focus. These exercises can prepare a person for meditation but not meditation. Meditation is cutting out movement, visual, hearing. The only thing left will be your thoughts. Then just watch your thoughts and not responding to it. Eventually, the thoughts will stop and you enter the thoughtless awareness.

Is smoking a kind of meditation? There are a lot of letting go when blowing out the smoke and it is kinda like a candle with a burning cigarette.

If you can smoke with your eyes close, maybe. Smoking is a very expensive meditation that will lead you to premature death. 50% chance to die earlier statistically.

Is mental silence even possible? Didn’t our brain similar to our heart can not stop pumping.

Is parallel parking even possible? Mental silence is totally possible and natural. Our brain is more like a CPU and less like a engine. You can have the brain stop thinking, and your body won’t die. The key is to watch your thoughts from passenger’s seat instead of driver’s seat. Your hands off the wheel. Keep watching for a while, the driver will shut up eventually.

How is focus on reading a book, and focus on watching a movie different from meditation?

Meditation is facing the life problems and listen to the main driver complain and talking with unconditional regards. Reading or watching movies are running away from life problems. It’s the realism vs escapism.

Can I become rich with Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Yes, you are richer than you think. Getting rich is ripping of other people. Getting wealthy is giving to other people. One can never be happy with any amount of money.  Think how you can benefit the world. Soon you will realize you are richer than you think.

Can I lose weight with Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Yes, the main cause of overweight is emotional eating. Modern day stress pushing us to result eating to get happiness. Many of overweight people have addiction to eating. Meditation can create the internal balance within, so that people can feel happy without over eating. It doesn’t matter what kind of addiction. Sahaja Yoga Meditation can create the internal balance and help us getting rid of addiction naturally.

Can I reverse my age with Sahaja Yoga?

Totally yes! Stress is the #1 aging factor. Meditation is the perfect stress relief tool. With daily meditation practice, you are going to see bigger and younger smile from your mirror each morning.

Can you meditate for me, so that I can get all the benefits? I just can’t meditate on my own.

We can only show you the door, you are the one that need to walk through the door. No body in this world can help you eat, so that you don’t feel hungry. Meditation daily is the only requirement for Sahaja Yogis. Everything else will come naturally.

My church priest and leader prohibit me to do meditation. The bible also said people shouldn’t meditate. They claim meditators become insane. What should I do?

That’s true. People at Google and Facebook meditate and become insanely intelligent and creative. Scientifically speaking, meditation is very safe and people actually become smarter and better EQ. What’s wrong with your life become insanely awesome?


Do you have any more questions about Sahaja Yoga Meditation that is not listed above? Please use the comment function below to post your questions. We will answer your questions within 24 hours.

2 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I want to know if doing Yoga in its original sense (non-western) can replace physical exercise. By truly recognizing yourself and awakening your energy? Should this replace heavy exercise like working out a lot?


    1. Our smart body use just enough energy to meet the energy requirement of our life style. If you park your car far enough for your work or grocery, that is an exercise without you even thinking about it. Heavy exercise are great for fine tune our body shape. Meditation is more like doing push up for your brain. If you can I recommend you do both. Remember that in any exercise you get a relaxation response. With meditation you can get into thought-less awareness (union with your higher-self).


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