Sahaja Yoga Meditation is Unique

Article Posted via E-mail from: Mary Lyn

What makes Sahaja Yoga Meditation different from all other forms of meditation, Yoga, from ancient philosophies, various spiritualities-

There is a universe within us, which reflects the vast universe outside of us. It is the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. We as human beings are extremely special in this creation as it is said we are created in the image of the Divine Being, but one must go deep inside to understand that we have to go beyond mental concepts and tap into the energy, which is divine. Shri Mataji

Nirmala Devi, who developed this Sahaja Yoga Meditation, teaches about an energy, which is laying dormant within your sacrum bone. This energy is a mothering energy that is linked to the Holy Spirit, and just like a seed sprouts from the mother earth, a human being gets connected first to his/her spirit that exist within the heart and then to the Greater Being, which exist all around us as complete joy, love, peace… It was said that one must be born again by the Holy Spirit and when one begins this form of meditation, just like a computer or television has to be plugged in, you become plugged into the Divine force of the universe.

The absolute truth is that we are not this mind, body, ego, conditionings, past, defined by our occupations, actions, beliefs… we are the pure spirit and when connected, one can feel the love of the Divine flowing into our being and just like a desert flower, we become drenched in the pure refreshing nourishing waters of God, of the Divine and this connection is the YOGA. You do not have to stand on your head, you do not have to leave everything and live in the mountains of India, the mountains are within you as energy centers called chakras, or in the medical field called plexuses, which when awaken by the kundalini, this coiled energy within the sacrum bone, gives us the qualities of the Divine, the connection to the Divine and wisdom begins to flow.

This brings about a physical, spiritual, emotional, mental balance within us as we go deeper into ourselves and learn to silence the mind to achieve a greater connection. We become like hollow flutes, where the All Pervading Power is finally able to bring forth beautiful melodies, rhythms, and glorious songs. Like a lotus that rises out of the mud to receive the nurturing rays of the sun, we rise above our mind to enter a state known as thoughtless awareness and finally enjoy simply “being”. All stress, all negativities… are washed away as we become our higher selves that beautiful radiant lotus blossom.
“Within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There is an ocean of all that. We can not seek it outside. We have to go within.” -Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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