You are not this body; You are not this mind!

Article Posted via E-mail from: Mary Lyn


In a previous article, we talked about Sahaja Yoga Meditation giving mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. One of the key factors within a human being doing this form of meditation is the activation of the coiled energy within your sacrum bone awakening and balancing each energy center ( known as chakras).

Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga not only teaches you true meditation where you get completely connected to your spirit and the All Pervading Divine Being, but teaches the techniques for balancing each center or chakra within you. Just as a rainbow has various colors dependent upon its frequency, you have 7 chakras, where, by the kundalini, nourishes to put into balance.

Let us look at the modern world and methods for treatment. If someone has high blood pressure, the Doctors will place him on medication, which will usually lead to side effects where by another medication is prescribed. Let us say on an emotional level, someone is going through depression, now this person will go to see a Psychiatrist and talk about their emotions and then will be prescribed a medication also with side effects. All these methods are examples of placing a band aid upon an issue, but not going to the root of completely healing the problem or imbalance within.
In Sahaja Yoga, which is completely free to every person, one learns the techiniques for balancing out the central nervous system, the chakras, the frequencies… One learns that they have a right side that when over activated leads to high blood pressure or a left side that when over activated leads to depression and then he/she is able to go deep within to rectify the imbalance.

When one is in deep meditation and the central channel is clear of obstructions, then one becomes mentally silent, where by all stressful thoughts etc… are washed away. Think of it this way, if I am opening the tap to the sink and the crystal clear water is flowing, but there is something blocking or clogging the pipe, then the water can not flow in. With the help of this particular form of meditation, you are able to successfully clear away the blockages and the Divine energy is able to flow within bringing tremendous joy, peace, calmness, love, satisfaction, which corrects you on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your being.
We have created our own blockage or clogs through various experiences, thoughts, emotions, activities, fears… which means that we have the power within ourselves to actually correct the situation. This leads to a purification, a transformation as all kinds of negativities that have been pulling on you just subside. This is why Shri Mataji has stated that “you cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the power that created you.” You were not created to be overwhelmed by problems, but created to reflect- love, peace, joy… This is also why Shri Mataji has stated that “you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are the spirit… This is the Greatest Truth.”

Be patient, find time each day for meditation, attend free classes, learn the methods of footsoaking/clearing, because you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!!!

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